Top 4 Internet Providers in Canada 2023 (2023)

Best in Western Canada

4.5 out of 5 overall

  • Fibre connection
  • Great support and customer service

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Best in Eastern Canada

4.5 out of 5 overall

  • Fibre connection
  • Fastest internet in Central Canada

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Best Low-Cost Alternative

4.5 out of 5 overall

  • Cable and DSL connections
  • Available in many provinces

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Top 4 Internet Providers in Canada 2023 (4)

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  1. Best Internet Provider
  2. Best Internet - Western Canada
  3. Best Internet - Central Canada
  4. Best Internet - Atlantic Canada
  5. Best Internet - Low Cost
  6. DSL vs Cable vs Fibre vs 5G

The best internet providers across Canada include Telus, Sasktel, Bell, Videotron, and Eastlink, though your choices depend on where you live. Nationwide third-party resellers like Teksavvy open options for half the price that you may want to consider.

Many Canadians (especially rural residents) may feel like there are only one or two home internet options available. In this guide, we'll run through our picks for the best internet service providers in western, central and Atlantic Canada, as well as the best cheap internet provider to help you save even more.

Who's the Best Home Internet Service Provider in Canada?

WhistleOut’s industry experts consider Telus and Sasktel as the “best in the west” for internet. Bell offers the most options for both urban and rural residents throughout Manitoba and Ontario, offering some of the best internet plans in Canada. Videotron rates high in customer satisfaction so long as you live in a densely populated area of Quebec. Eastlink is the most beloved brand in Atlantic Canada. Teksavvy offers the cheapest internet in Canada, so they’re worth a look no matter where you live.

Canada’s landscape and population are diverse, so the top Internet Service Provider (ISP) can change based on where you live and what you need from your home internet connection. Read on for more information as to what makes each internet provider the top in their category and what are your best alternatives.

Best Internet Providers in Canada 2023
Best InternetRegionCoverageFastest Plan
Western CanadaBC, AB, SK, MB, QC 3Gbps
Central CanadaON, QC 8Gbps
Atlantic CanadaNB, NS, PE, NL 940Mbps
Low-Cost AlternativeNationwide 3Gbps
Top 4 Internet Providers in Canada 2023 (9)

Best Internet Provider: Western Canada

Just as the landscape changes from Pacific Coast through the Rockies and into the Prairies, the needs of western Canadians can change from one community to the next. A range of top-tier internet providers are available including Telus, Shaw, and SaskTel...not to mention third-party providers with cheaper rates.

Editor's Pick: Western Canada


The best internet provider in Western Canada (British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba) is Telus, with connections up to 3Gbps, bundling options to reduce cost and one of Canada’s best customer satisfaction ratings.

Why we love it: Telus internet offers fast download speeds and a wide selection of services throughout British Columbia and Alberta. The Telus Mobility LTE network is Canada's largest, and the provider boasts one of the country's best customer satisfaction ratings.

The Telus PureFibre high-speed fibre-optic network is the fastest in Canada, offering incredible download speeds on its top-tier PureFibreX plan. Although the prices on fibre internet plans are among the most expensive in Canada, there are no data overage fees and you can save money by bundling your internet with anIPTV package.

For customers in neighbourhoods without access to fibre-optic, the Smart Hub 25 plan is a strong alternative. It delivers wireless download speeds up to 25Mbps, though this varies by location.

Runner-Up: Shaw

Shaw Fibre+ plans are another widely available option throughout western Canada, offering download speeds up to 1.5Gbps. While Shaw Mobile is now a thing of the past, Shaw's internet plans are still going strong, providing high-speed and reliable internet to Alberta and British Columbia.

Runner-Up: SaskTel

Sasktel ranks #1 in the west for seven straight years in customer satisfaction surveys conducted by J.D. Power, experts in consumer research. However, this provincial Crown corporation only serves Saskatchewan residents with infiNET fibre internet as well as interNET cable-connected internet. All Sasktel customers also enjoy unlimited access to over 2,000 "select WI-FI" hotspots across the province.

Top 4 Internet Providers in Canada 2023 (10)

Best Internet Provider: Central Canada

Southern Ontario and Quebec are the highest populated areas in Canada, so finding high-speed internet is easy. On the other hand, much of the northern geography is wild and untamed where even wireless service is unreliable. Knowing which internet providers are available to you demands a bit of research, but that’s why WhistleOut is here to help you.

Editor's Pick: Central Canada

Bell Communications

The best internet provider in Central Canada (Ontario and Quebec) is Bell Communications with comprehensive coverage, a wide selection of plans and bundling options that include other telecommunications services like television and hardwired telephone.

Why we love it: Bell's reliable network provides millions of Canadians with uninterrupted home office connectivity, even during the coronavirus pandemic. High-speed Bell Fibe plans range from 10 Mbps-8Gbps, so everyone from the lightest browsers to the heaviest gamers can find the best plan for their needs. Plans also include home Wi-Fi and McAfee security protection.

Bell offers the most wireless home internet coverage throughout Ontario and Quebec’s rural regions. Wireless Home Internet plans use the expansive Bell Mobility LTE network to provide speeds up to 25 Mbps and up to 350GB of monthly data.

Runner-Up: Videotron

Quebec residents should consider Videotron, which tops the list annually as Quebec's best local internet provider. Videotron offers affordable plans, attractive promotions and helpful customer service. Although download speeds max out at 400 megabits-per-second (Mbps) and there’s poor rural coverage, bundling options include cell phone services and streaming music which provides even greater value.

Top 4 Internet Providers in Canada 2023 (11)

Best Internet Provider: Atlantic Canada

The oldest and most tight-knit communities in Canada are found on the east coast. Trust and reliability matter, but so do internet plans that won’t fleece you of every cent in the bank.

Editor's Pick: Atlantic Canada


WhistleOut Canada’s choice for Best Internet Provider in Atlantic Canada (New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, PEI and Newfoundland/Labrador) is Eastlink cable internet.

Why we love it: Eastlink was born in the Maritimes and offers high-speed cable internet throughout Nova Scotia, PEI, Newfoundland/Labrador and southern New Brunswick. All plans offer unlimited data and speeds ranging from 100 Mbps-940Mbps It's also affordable with prices comparable to national brands. For further savings, you can bundle your home internet with anIPTV package or mobile plan— Eastlink will even buy out your existing cell phone contract up to $200.

Runner-Up: Bell Aliant

Bell Aliant offers Fibe premium high-speed internet plans to Atlantic Canadians with download speeds up to 1.5Gbps. Although pricier than Eastlink, Bell Aliant has greater coverage throughout the Atlantic provinces, offers steadfast reliability and quick repair service —especially helpful after a big storm.

Top 4 Internet Providers in Canada 2023 (12)

Best Cheap Internet Provider

The Canadian government enables third-party internet providers to buy network access wholesale from major network operators like Bell, Rogers, Telus and Shaw, then sell cheaper access plans to Canadians. There are more than a dozen options across Canada, but here’s the one you should be checking out if you want the best low-cost internet in Canada.

Editor's Pick


When it comes to internet service resellers, Teksavvy sets a high bar for quality of service, coverage and customer advocacy no matter where you live in Canada.

Why we love it: Teksavvy’s internet service is widely available, no matter where you are, provided there is some form of wired internet access in your neighbourhood.

Depending on where you live, Teksavvy offers broadband speed options up to a blistering fast 3Gbps. The real savings are from low-end plans that cost half as much as even the most basic plans from major providers.

Teksavvy has been a champion at the forefront of internet consumer advocacy. The company regularly petitions the CRTC on behalf of Canadian customers to banish data caps, reduce monthly rates, protect customer privacy and secure net neutrality. Although it doesn’t directly affect your service, efforts by Teksavvy to protect consumer rights are a large part of the reason that all Canadians have access to cheap wholesale carrier options.

Runners-Up: Fido and Virgin Mobile

Fido offers affordable unlimited home internet options backed by the Rogers national network. Packages start at just $40/month and range in speed from 50-100Mbps. Existing Fido wireless customers can snag promotional deals that encourage you to make the jump to their home internet service.

Virgin Plus also offers cheap home internet on the Bell Fibe network. Prices are comparable to Fido home internet, but Virgin Plus also offers live and on-demand television options. Virgin TV enables consumers to cut the cable while still enjoying live and on-demand IPTVthrough smart devices like Apple TV, Amazon Fire TV and Google Chromecast.

DSL vs Cable vs Fibre vs 5G:Which is the Best?

It’s a question we get a lot: when all the plans are priced about the same, which is the best home internet technology? DSL and cable are based on older tech, while more expensivefibre internetcan accelerate download speeds up to (and over) 1 Gbps. There are also a few quirks to be aware of, like how cable internet can suffer slowdowns during peak usage hours or how slower DSL speeds may be your only option even when you live in the city.

Rural Canada is getting more wireless internet coverage every month, but costs can still be high and data caps can be low. New 5G mobile network deployment will speed up connections, increase coverage and (hopefully) reduce prices, so come back regularly to see what’s new. Satellite internetfor rural Canadians is also seeing a revival as low-orbit systems like Starlink Internetbrings fast connections to the northern landscape.

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