The 7 best internet and TV bundles to purchase right now (2024)

Bundling internet and TV services can be a great way to reduce your expenses, especially considering that cable is becoming more internet-based by the day. Some cable companies offer an app that can be downloaded to your TV and used to access all the channels you would normally receive from a cable box — but there's no cable box required. So in this ever-changing media landscape, it's quite practical to purchase internet and TV services from the same company. Fortunately, there are numerous companies that allow you to bundle these two services, which can save you some money.

But not all internet and TV bundles are created equal. Some may provide exceptional internet speeds but have lackluster TV channel lineups. Others offer spectacular services overall but are only available in some regions of the country. And some offer special freebies or services that are tailored to customers in search of specific features, enough features to sway you toward selecting that package.

To help you sort through all these details and price points, we've done the research, crunched the numbers, and landed on this list of the best internet and TV bundles currently available. So peruse these offerings, find a plan that's best for you, and get to watching all the content you love or endlessly scrolling social media.

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Best internet and TV bundles of 2023

spectrum logo

The 7 best internet and TV bundles to purchase right now (1)

Credit: Spectrum

Best availability: Spectrum

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Key specs

  • Price range: $49.99–$89.99 per month
  • Internet speed: Up to 1,000 Mbps
  • No. of simultaneous screens: Unlimited

Pros & cons


  • Offers many premium TV channels and Spanish-language channels
  • Has widespread availability throughout the country
  • Unlimited number of device connections


  • Is pricier than some competitors that offer better services
  • Rates can increase after the first year

Why we chose it

Spectrum's service range comprises a total of 41 states—and that number is growing—making it a feasible option for most people in the country. The company offers decent internet speeds (around 300 Mbps for a more basic package) that are well-suited for a household of two to five people. Its channel lineup is probably sufficient for most TV viewers, but it still ranks toward the bottom of all companies on this list.

Spectrum uniquely allows for an unlimited number of devices on one home Wi-Fi connection, whereas many companies limit connection to a total of five devices. This means you'll never have to worry about adding a new phone, laptop, tablet, or another device to your wireless connection. Spectrum also offers a TV channel lineup specifically designed for Spanish speakers, with more than 75 Spanish-language channels, as well as some of the most popular English-language channels.

Despite these numerous advantages over some of its competitors, Spectrum's prices aren't totally justified if other companies are a viable option. Compared to Verizon, for instance, Spectrum's internet speeds are significantly slower despite a similar cost. Spectrum's wide availability, though, means that some customers must default to choosing its services, as there may not be many (or any) viable competitors in the local marketplace. This may grant Spectrum extra leeway to deliver unfair costs as it effectively has a monopoly on some regions. That said, this could be true of any company on this list.

xfinity logo

The 7 best internet and TV bundles to purchase right now (2)

Credit: Xfinity

Best on a budget: Xfinity

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Key specs

  • Price range: $19.99–$212.75 per month
  • Internet speed: Up to 2,000 Mbps
  • No. of simultaneous screens: 5

Pros & cons


  • Has an easy install process
  • For basic packages, prices are lower than most competitors
  • Includes free Wi-Fi hotspots


  • Prices can vary considerably depending on location and package
  • Has hidden fees

Why we chose it

Xfinity is widely available throughout the country, and its most basic TV and internet bundle packages are more than affordable at around $20 per month with a 75 Mbps internet connection. With a respectable — though not exceptional — lineup of more than 185 TV channels, Xfinity is better than some of its competitors but not at the top of its class. The company does throw in some helpful free services, including Wi-Fi hotspots and the Stream app, which allow customers to watch live TV on their phones. Installing your equipment is relatively hassle-free and can usually be done entirely on your own.

That said, the experiences, prices, and specifications of TV and internet bundle packages with Xfinity often vary by location. Some regions of the country receive lower rates or faster internet speeds than others. Xfinity also sometimes has hidden fees and puts a limit on the amount of data you can use, which is less than ideal. Discounts you might receive on your monthly rates may also only be valid for a year or two before escalating to higher prices.

verizon fios logo

The 7 best internet and TV bundles to purchase right now (3)

Credit: Verizon

Best experience: Verizon Fios

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Key specs

  • Price range: $99.99–$183.99 per month
  • Internet speed: Up to 940 Mbps
  • No. of simultaneous screens: 2

Pros & cons


  • Has a fast internet connection
  • Does not have any hidden fees
  • Offers over 425 digital channels and over 18,000 On Demand titles


  • Is only available in select states on the East Coast
  • Lacks variety of TV packages

Why we chose it

Verizon Fios has managed to achieve what might seem impossible. It maintains reasonable prices, offers blazing-fast fiber internet connections, and has an impressively large and diverse lineup of at least 425 TV channels (a number that puts it first among all companies on this list in terms of channel offerings). It thankfully does not impose annual contracts on its customers and has eliminated the hidden fees that tend to surprise customers signed up with other companies. This blend of good business practices, reasonable costs, robust TV channel lineups, and one of the fastest internet connections available makes Verizon Fios an ideal choice for anyone who can get it.

But therein lies the big kicker: Verizon is only available in eight states plus Washington, D.C., and not necessarily in every part of those states either. Currently, the service range includes parts of Delaware, Maryland, Massachusetts, New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, and Virginia, as well as Washington, D.C. So for most consumers in the United States looking to bundle their internet and TV, the service remains inaccessible. That said, Verizon is trying to spread its coverage area as fast as it can.

Despite this significant drawback, Verizon Fios remains the best internet and TV bundle in the game—if you can get it. One other thing to keep in mind is that Verizon Fios' maximum internet speed falls just shy of 1GB (or 1,000 Mbps). While this is already an extremely fast internet speed, some users — creatives who work from home and need to regularly upload large media files, for instance, or large households where the internet is split between many devices — might want something even more powerful.

t-mobile logo

The 7 best internet and TV bundles to purchase right now (4)

Credit: T-Mobile

Best for cord cutters: T-Mobile

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Key specs

  • Price: $35–$50 per month
  • Internet speed: 4G LTE and 5G
  • No. of simultaneous screens: 10

Pros & cons


  • There are no phone lines, cables, and data caps
  • Includes multiple streaming services either for free or free for a limited time
  • Perks like T-Mobile Tuesday offer exclusive freebies and deals


  • Has unreliable internet speeds
  • Offers a limited selection of TV channels

Why we chose it

T-Mobile's home internet service is unique in that it is not a traditional cable internet connection. Instead, your devices are connected to 4G LTE and 5G, just like your cell phone. Along with this internet service comes a variety of add-ons and deals for streaming services, such as Netflix, Apple TV+, Philo, Vix+, and SiriusXM satellite radio. This means that you're not only cutting your cable cord, but you're also cutting your internet cord as well. Plan prices are comparable to most traditional internet and TV bundle alternatives, which makes T-Mobile a competitive and intriguing option for those who are hoping to streamline their TV and internet.

While this all sounds like a good idea in theory, your internet speeds may be unpredictable, as it all depends on the cell coverage around your home. It's not uncommon for cellular service providers, including T-Mobile, to have dead zones within their general service areas. And, of course, those who live outside of T-Mobile's coverage areas won't be able to use T-Mobile's home internet service (which is technically true of any service on this list). Nonetheless, T-Mobile may represent the future, as streaming services offer more live TV options while traditional cable TV continues to see a decline in viewership.

at&t fiber logo

The 7 best internet and TV bundles to purchase right now (5)

Credit: AT&T

Best fiber: AT&T Fiber + DirecTV Stream

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Key specs

  • Price range: Varies based on TV package, location, and internet plan
  • Internet speed: Up to 5,000 Mbps
  • No. of simultaneous screens: Unlimited

Pros & cons


  • Offers customizable channel selections
  • Has six internet plans to choose from
  • Speeds can reach as fast as 5GB for $160 per month


  • No bundle discounts are offered
  • Internet speeds can vary by location

Why we chose it

For most people, a 1GB internet connection is about as fast as they'll ever need; you'll be able to easily connect and stream multiple devices and even support several people simultaneously working from home. But for those interested in pushing their Wi-Fi speeds to the limit, AT&T Fiber can deliver up to 5GB, making it one of the fastest internet connections available on the market. The company also offers a 2GB connection for those looking for something in between. In fact, AT&T Fiber offers six different options to choose from, ranging from 300 Mbps to 5GB. This range plus the impressive speeds makes AT&T Fiber the best internet in the business. Pair that with more than 200 TV channels through DirecTV Stream (with three TV packages ranging from more than 75 to over 200 channels), and you've got a deal.

Combining AT&T Fiber with DirectTV Stream, however, won't provide you with any special savings or discounts. But it's nice to manage your internet and TV services through the same company, all in one place. Keep in mind that you'll need to contact AT&T directly to see which fiber options are available in your area, as internet speed availability can vary by location.

cox logo

The 7 best internet and TV bundles to purchase right now (6)

Credit: Cox

Best for DVR: Cox

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Key specs

  • Price: $54.99–$198.99 per month
  • Internet speed: Up to 1,000 Mbps
  • No. of simultaneous screens: 7

Pros & cons


  • Some plans provide over 140 TV channels
  • Offers multiple plans with various internet speeds


  • Has a cap on data
  • Charges additional fees for setup

Why we chose it

If you're looking for a DVR to record all your favorite programs, it's hard to beat Cox's price, which comes in at exactly zero dollars for that specific service. All Cox internet and TV bundle plans come with a free DVR device. And with a lineup of over 140 channels with some plans, you'll have plenty of material to record with this free DVR. Cox's internet speeds are pretty good across the board, starting with 100 Mbps as the cheapest plan and topping off at around 1GB as the most expensive option.

That said, Cox's plans are somewhat pricey overall, especially considering that some competitors offer more channels and comparable internet speeds for a lower monthly cost. At nearly $200 per month, the most expensive option gets you a connection of 1,000 Mbps, a speed that costs significantly less at other companies. Nonetheless, the addition of a DVR device to other companies' bundle plans can add to your overall costs, while a DVR is already included in Cox's bundles.

centurylink logo

The 7 best internet and TV bundles to purchase right now (7)

Credit: CenturyLink

Best for rural locations: CenturyLink + DirecTV

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Key specs

  • Price range: $64.99–$109.99 per month
  • Internet speed: Up to 940 Mbps
  • No. of simultaneous screens: Unlimited

Pros & cons


  • Satellite TV is ideal for rural areas
  • Has two internet plans to choose from
  • Does not set a limit on number of devices


  • Internet speeds vary based on location
  • Does not offer special discounts for bundling

Why we chose it

Satellite TV has a larger geographical coverage area than cable, which is why customers living in rural areas often sign up for a service like DirecTV. Although you can bundle DirecTV with internet services such as CenturyLink, combining these services doesn't provide customers with any special discount. Nonetheless, a satellite TV and internet bundle is an enticing option for those outside urban or suburban areas who would like both services.

DirecTV has the benefit of offering over 250 channels, depending on the plan you choose, while CenturyLink has the advantage of allowing an unlimited number of devices to be connected to your home network. That, in our opinion, is a winning combination.

Of course, the more rural your location, the less likely you'll be able to sign up for CenturyLink's fiber plan, which offers much faster speeds of up to 100 Mbps for $50 per month. In rural areas, however, you'll likely have to settle for a slower connection that could make streaming on multiple devices a dicey proposition.

Final thoughts

All things considered, Verizon Fios' fast internet speeds, solid prices and hefty TV channel lineup provide the best all-around experience of these internet and TV bundle packages. But the problem is that it has a limited service area, as it is only available in a handful of states in the Northeast and the Mid-Atlantic. For a solid option that provides quality service nearly everywhere in the country, you can't go wrong with Spectrum. And for internet speeds faster than the speed of light (OK, perhaps not that fast), the AT&T Fiber/DirecTV Stream bundle is the ideal choice. Those who live in rural areas should explore DirecTV's bundle with CenturyLink. Cord-cutters can consider T-Mobile's unique internet service that connects your devices to 4G LTE and 5G (just like a cell phone) and includes a few free streaming services as part of its package.

Compare the best internet and TV bundles


Price range

Internet speed

No. of simultaneous screens

No. of TV channels

Equipment fee?

Best availability

$49.99–$89.99 per month

Up to 1,000 Mbps




Best on a budget

$19.99–$212.75 per month

Up to 2,000 Mbps




Verizon Fios
Best experience

$99.99–$183.99 per month

Up to 940 Mbps




Best for cord-cutters

$35–$50 per month

4G LTE & 5G




Varies based on TV package, location, and internet plan

Up to 5,000 Mbps




Best for DVR

$54.99–$198.99 per month

Up to 1,000 Mbps




CenturyLink + DirecTV
Best for rural locations

$64.99–$109.99 per month

Up to 940 Mbps




Frequently asked questions

Can you add wireless phone service to internet and TV?

In some cases, yes. Some companies allow you to add wireless (or cellular) phone service to an internet and TV bundle package. But not all companies that provide internet and TV service also offer cell phone services. It's best to check with the providers you are considering to see what options are available to you in your region. Most companies, however, do offer landline phone services; landline calls can be forwarded to your cell phone, too.

What is considered a fast internet speed?

Anything 100 Mbps or above is typically considered a fast or good internet speed. It's a strong enough connection to allow multiple devices to connect to your Wi-Fi and smoothly stream videos and also work from home. That said, the more devices you connect to your home Wi-Fi, the more the speeds across all devices will decline. So if you have a large household, it might be worth investing in faster speeds to ensure everyone is able to stay on a stable and fast connection.

Are streaming bundles cheaper than cable packages?

Streaming bundles tend to be less expensive than cable packages. This price gap can narrow, however, if you add premium subscriptions and/or live TV options to your standard streaming costs. It also depends, of course, on how many streaming services you subscribe to overall — subscribing to multiple streaming services adds up quickly.

Do internet packages ever come with free TV channels?

Sometimes internet packages come with free TV channels, but this is not typical. Some providers include free streaming services, such as Netflix and Apple TV+, with their internet packages. T-Mobile also includes the streaming service Philo, which contains some traditional TV channels such as A&E, AMC, Comedy Central, and Animal Planet, among others. There are also some free TV streaming services such as Tubi and Pluto TV that you can stream over any internet connection.

Do you need an internet connection to watch TV?

No. You can watch cable or satellite TV without any internet connection, but that does require a cable box or a satellite terminal to be installed in your home. While you can also watch a handful of free TV channels with a TV antenna, you will definitely need an internet connection in order to use any of the popular streaming services like Netflix, Hulu, and Apple+.

Why would you need to purchase a TV antenna?

TV antennas allow you to watch a handful of channels for free — there is no need to pay for a cable subscription to use a TV antenna. Major networks such as ABC, NBC, FOX, CBS, and PBS can all be picked up for free via a TV antenna. This is a suitable option for those not interested in the big TV channel lineups offered by cable companies. But bear in mind that coverage is an issue, and not all areas will receive all channels. Some areas might not receive any channels at all.


To compile this list, we researched nearly four dozen services. The most important criteria points we considered were a company's bundling options and available discounts, followed by its internet and TV features, such as max download speed, number of concurrent streams allowed, and mix of live channels and/or on-demand content.

In order to fully understand each service's offerings, we looked at every possible plan, including add-ons, and dug deep into customer reviews to compare real-life experiences. We also took into account any ongoing promotions for first-time subscribers and whether customers save money by signing a long-term contract. The information presented here was accurate at the time of publication.

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The 7 best internet and TV bundles to purchase right now (2024)


The 7 best internet and TV bundles to purchase right now? ›

Are TV bundles worth it? Bundling TV and internet is a convenient way to sign up and pay for both services. It could also save you money up front and on your monthly bill via discounts or cheaper rates. Bundling YouTube TV with Frontier Fiber, for example, could get you $15 off the monthly TV subscription for one year.

What is cheapest TV service? ›

Cheapest Cable TV Providers 2023
  • Xfinity TV. 3.75. Starting from. $20. /mo. Available channels. 20–125. View Plans.
  • Spectrum TV. 3.5. Starting from. $59.99. Available channels. 125+ View Plans.
  • Cox TV. 2.75. Starting from. $56. /mo. Available channels. View Plans. Call Now.
  • Sparklight TV. 2.25. Starting from. $42. /mo. Available channels. Up to 20.

What is the best home phone and Internet bundle? ›

  • Best NBN and home phone bundle overall. : Tangerine XL Speed Boost Unlimited.
  • Best cheap NBN and home phone bundle. : Spintel NBN Unlimited Plus 50.
  • Best speed NBN and home phone bundle. : Exetel - Extra Value NBN50.
  • Best NBN100 and home phone bundles. : Dodo - NBN100 Unlimited Plan.

Which Internet is best for home? ›

The best type of internet is fiber-optic internet because it's extremely efficient, reliable, and fast. In most cases, fiber tops out at 1,000 Mbps for both download and upload speeds.

How can I lower my TV and internet bill? ›

10 Ways to Lower Your Cable Bill
  1. Eliminate premium channels.
  2. Downsize your cable package.
  3. Look out for fees.
  4. Cut down on boxes.
  5. Buy your own modem.
  6. Get rid of the DVR.
  7. Bundle your cable, phone, and internet bill.
  8. Negotiate a lower rate.

What is the most affordable streaming TV service with local channels? ›

With plans starting at just $30/mo., Sling TV offers the cheapest way to access programming from local stations. However, the service's local channel offering is slightly more limited compared to other options. It doesn't offer ABC, CBS, Telemundo, The CW, or Univision. But you can get FOX and NBC in select markets.

Is it cheaper to have cable or streaming? ›

Streaming TV is cheaper option when compared to cable TV, but if you want live channels, it'll cost you a bit more.

What is the free streaming TV service with local channels? ›

LocalBTV. LocalBTV is a streaming service that delivers live feeds from local TV stations around the United States. Free of charge and offering cloud DVR with up to 1 TB of storage, it's an accessible resource for those looking to cut the cord without having to cut ties with their community.

How can I ditch cable and still watch TV? ›

After you get rid of cable or satellite TV, the easiest way to still watch your local tv channels and sports is by using an indoor tv antenna that plugs into an HDMI port on your TV. Some of those indoor tv antennas also have a DVR that will record your local shows for you.

Which phone carrier has best internet? ›

Fastest Wireless Speeds 2022
  • Best Upload/Download Speeds. T-Mobile. Avg. Download: 54.1 Mbps. Avg. Upload: 10.5 Mbps. View Plans. Read Review.
  • #2. Verizon. 4.5. Avg. Download: 30.2 Mbps. Avg. Upload: 8.2 Mbps. View Plans. Read Review.
  • #3. AT&T. Avg. Download: 35.3 Mbps. Avg. Upload: 6.7 Mbps. View Plans. Read Review.

Which phone carrier has best reception? ›

Verizon has the best 4G LTE coverage that spans across 70% of the United States. That's 2% more than AT&T and 8% more than T-Mobile.

What is the best Internet TV with local channels? ›

Local channels are a great outlet for staying up to date on your local news, sports, and entertainment. The best streaming services for local channels are Sling TV, Fubo TV, Hulu with Live TV, and DirecTV.

Is there a TV that works without Internet? ›

You can use a smart TV without the internet but it's harder to access the content you want, especially from streaming applications that won't work without a connection. Additionally, there are other features you'll miss that you should know about, should you try and operate a Smart TV without Wi-Fi.

Do smart TVs work through the internet? ›

There are two main ways to connect your smart TV to the internet; wirelessly or with an ethernet cable. All Smart TVs have built-in WiFi and you should be able to connect to your home wireless network during the setup of your TV, or through network settings.

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