Spiced Roast Chicken With Tangy Yogurt Sauce Recipe (2024)



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Rachel Barenblat

If you don't do chicken with dairy, a tahini sauce also goes gloriously with this, and King Arthur Baking's 'quick and easy flatbreads.'


This is basically identical to how I do it, except this time of year I skewer it and put it on the grill when I can’t stand to turn on the oven that much. Also, it makes great camping food to cook over the fire. The spices make it! Super!


Made this tonight and my husband inhaled it! Made exactly as printed with one small substitution. As I really don't care for iceberg lettuce, I used finely shredded napa cabbage which I've used in many Indian dishes. Perfect. Encourage the use of hot sauce for serving. I also removed the chicken before 20 minutes as it would have been too dry. Check it at about 12 minutes to guage just how much time is needed.


Turned out really good. I added turmeric and paprika to chicken seasoning and cooked in pan. Otherwise did everything the same. Was a big hit with my 11 year old son.


I've tried replicating Halal cart chicken and this is the closest I've gotten at home. This recipe is so good. My chicken released a ton of water so watch for that, if you want a nice sear you need to drain that off or finish in a hot skillet or grill.


And I forgot to mention that we used chicken breasts. It turned out very good.


I didn’t have granulated onion so tossed some sliced vidalias onto the sheet pan with the roasting chicken pieces. While the seasoning makes for an exceptional oven roasted chicken thigh, the addition of the dressing, setting all on top of greens and tomatoes takes the entire dish to a higher level. Add in the fact that this dish comes together quickly enough for a weeknight dinner makes this a keeper for me.

Kentfield Barbara

I marinated the chicken for a few hours, and then added thinly sliced sweet red bell pepper to the salad for crunch, color and taste. Served with Zatar flatbread.


Used rotisserie chicken, and this was easy and really good. The chicken and the yogurt sauce could have used more garlic...but we are quite the garlic lovers.

Amy Coletta

I use boneless, skinless thighs and cook in a cast iron pan or on the grill. Fantastic.


We made this last night and found it to be really good; threw it under the broiler for the last two minutes. It's really about the garnishes. We did lettuce, cabbage, tomatoes, raw onion and sliced radish. Also served it with our homemade pickled green tomatoes; frankly anything pickled adds the needed acid.


Made this tonight following the recipe except for using 3 cloves instead of 5 of garlic. It can take the 5 cloves I think! I like garlic but don’t want to be overpowered by it. Also my cilantro was a bit tired but what a super yummy meal! I will definitely make this again! I should add that my husband ate two big helpings so it served 3!


This is delicious! I would recommend using half sheet pan vs quarter sheet pan to allow plenty of room so chicken gets crusty and for some find to form on pan. When I used quarter sheet pan (chicken did fit nicely in one layer) but juices didn’t evaporate and the crusty layer didn’t form. This is now going to be in my rotation of recipes! Served with garlic rice. Added a little water to thin out the yogurt sauce so it could be drizzled-who knew such few ingredients could be so flavorful.


Recommend doubling the marinade (or halving the meat!) to really get flavor intense! And throwing the broiler on for a few minutes at the end helped get some delicious crispy bits in there.


Made this following the recipe, added some basmati rice as a side. Very good, and easy…will definitely add to the dinner rotation.

Val Bell

So delicious! My son-in-law remembered I made this & requested it again. I used a little over 3lbs of thighs & had enough for 8. Also tripled the sauce as we love the flavor and like to eat it on about anything. Yummy healthy meal. I served it with lemon Parmesan risotto good pairing! A great dinner party meal as you can prep chicken ahead & just toss in the oven. Chicken best served warm or room temperature.


I followed the recipe as shown except I left the boneless thighs whole, and everyone loved it! My wife suggested that this would be outstanding with Naan instead of Pita bread.


FantasticEasy to make and very tasty

denise l

Yum! Used naan and it was easy and delicious.


Y’all: I am vegetarian but I make one carnivore dinner a week for my omnivore family. When I say the smell of this chicken while it was roasting tempted me to try a bite (which I did not) you know it’s that good. Served this in a bowl format with chopped romaine, grape tomatoes, homemade tzatziki and NYT dill rice (look up the rice if you don’t know it, hard yes). Used chicken breasts instead of thighs because my meat eaters are weaklings who do not care for real meat.


Sooooooooo delicious!!


Excellent dish. Easy to prepare, healthy and delicious. Followed the recipe exactly, loved all the flavor combos. Definitely will make this again!!!


There are some recipes, as they come together, that you just know are going to be good. This is one of them. Made it exactly as written and it was amazing. Hit with the whole family and it’s going to the top of my rotation. I pretty often make adjustments to recipes but I can’t think of a thing to change. Not normally a fan of iceberg either but it works here. Yum!!


This was an outstanding recipe. I used Ras El Hanout instead of Garam Masala, and tangerine vinegar that I had in my pantry. I had leftover Spicy Chicken with Tangy Yogurt Sauce (a Kay Chun recipe here on the site) in the fridge, so I combined the leftovers with the chickpeas and sweet potatoes. I can’t believe how unbelievably GREAT these two recipes are together - complimentary, but still each keeps its own identity. I will serve them together from now on.


So easy and quick to prepare! Amazing flavor with the yogurt sauce and a little siracha. We used pita bread but next time we'll use pita pockets - less messy.


If you’re following the recipe and roasting the chicken thighs, be sure to save the pan juices for drizzling on the whole shebang. Delicious dish!


5 cloves of garlic + 4 more (because: garlic); served with tomato/cuke/purple onion salad on rice. Left out sugar from the sauce. Grilled the chicken.Delicious. Keeper! (Similar to the jammy tomato sheet pan chicken, which is a household staple.)


Added a bit of blue cheese to the salad and used buffalo sauce as the hot sauce. Great mash up of flavors with the white sauce/spicy chicken.


Holy cow, this was so tasty! I made it almost exactly as written, but used romaine instead of iceberg because it was what I had. I also just had basic low calorie pita, but it served just fine as a vehicle for shoving all this deliciousness into my face. I wanted to add pickled onions but was out, and also wanted extra heat, so ended up eating this with some kimchi and it was just excellent. Absolutely will make again.


added homemade baharat spice mix to the chicken, yogurt, and accompanying rice

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Spiced Roast Chicken With Tangy Yogurt Sauce Recipe (2024)
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