Say Goodbye to Hairy Backs: A Beginner's Guide to Back Shaving (2024)

Ever met a man with the most seductive six-pack abs but a hauntingly hairy back? Ask a woman, and she will tell you what a turn-off it can be. Although some men naturally have no hair in the back (which is complete potluck), those who do have one- need us big time.

For starters, having a hairy back can be a sign of bad hygiene because back hair is the most common breeding ground for numerous kinds of bacteria. It may also have dust and dirt trapped in them that can leave your body with a foul odor. But that’s not all.

An unshaved back can also make you more susceptible to skin infections and aggravate sweat as air penetration becomes difficult through the strands of hair on your back. If you just said NO to all of this, you need thisbeginner’s guide to back shaving. So, get all ears!

What’s Up With The Hairy Back?

No one enjoys looking like a werewolf with all the hair at the back. In fact, the majority of men have a hard time trying to be okay with it. For some people, this could be the product of genetics, while others are just born with it out of nowhere. Whatever it may be, we do not recommend flaunting off a hairy back because it is not only uncomfortable to carry but also unhealthy for your overall well-being.

In certain cases, a hairy back could also be a cardinal symptom of hypertrichosis. Basically, it is a rare disorder where one may experience more hair growth than normal. In this case, consulting a medical professional before taking another step is best.

In thisbeginner’s guide to back shaving, we will talk about different techniques you can use to shave your back. We will also talk about the most prospectiveback shaverto suit your hygiene and health preferences.

Is It Worth Going Bald On The Back?

Sure, good aesthetics is one great reason to shave it all off. But is that it? Obviously not!

Research suggests that a bald back can help reduce spot appearance on the back to a dramatic extent. This could help enhance your self-confidence, which can eventually amplify your sex appeal too.

Shaving your back can also encourage you to feel fresher with a back that is always glowing and flawless. So, the next time you have to flaunt your back at a beach party or by the pool, you don’t have to think twice about taking your shirt off. Oh, and this could be a great time to make everyone throw themselves at you (if you know what we mean.)

Here’s Your Beginner’s Guide To Back Shaving

If you are a beginner who hasn’t shaved his back ever before, you might be at your wit’s end. We understand your problem. But fear not. Breathe a sigh of relief and read along.

1. Use A Back Shaver

Typically, when you are looking to shave your back, you might need someone to help you with it. But when you use a back shaver, you can abstain from this dependency on someone to help you groom yourself better. What’s most intriguing is how convenient it can be for you to shave your back whenever and wherever possible.

We highly recommend Menhood’sback shaverfor this purpose. It comes with a detachable housing and smart sense technology that provides a seamless shave without batting an eyelid. The shaver also comes with removable blade cartridges for effortless cleaning and precise shaving.

The back shaver from Menhood provides a smooth shave without the use of water. In fact, you can achieve the quickest, itch-free, and most affordable shaving without facing too many hindrances on your way. So, the next time you want to enhance your confidence, this shaver will change the game for you.

Since back shavers seldom come with any side effects, they can be a healthy way to clean up your skin. So, there will hardly be any issues of skin irritation or rashes occurring on your skin. In fact, you can use them all by yourself easily without even needing someone to train you on how to use them properly. No wonder this technique stands out in ourbeginner’s guide to back shaving.

2. Back Wax(But At Your Risk)

A professional back wax can pull out your hair follicles by its roots. So, the chances of hair regrowth anytime soon deteriorate drastically. But here’s a trivia- Back wax can make your skin loose and enhance the risks of skin irritation dramatically.

Sure, you can expect to look like an ace and flaunt your shaved back for up to two months or more, but professional back waxing also comes with high expenses attached. What’s worse is how painful it can get when your professional pulls the hair follicles out of your skin. We promise; you’ll have at least a drop of a tear in your eye.

On top of everything, back shaving using wax can also be thoroughly exhausting. It’s a time-consuming process, depending on how many times you hesitate to go any further (when the hot wax comes in contact with your back.)

Even if you somehow end up purchasing a wax to shave your back at home, you will require someone to do it for you. But mind you, it can be fairly difficult, especially without the right tools. In this process, the risks of bumping into skin-related side effects may aggravate too. So, you need to be very watchful of that.

Anyway, if you are looking for abeginner’s guide to back shavingwith the easiest way out, we don’t recommend professional back shaving. We stick to ouroh-so-comfyback shaverby Menhood and recommend you enjoy the benefits of the same.

3. Pick A Hair Removal Cream

Thankfully, the market is swarmed with hair removal creams that promise to deliver relief from all the unwanted back hair. But pause and think- do they really deliver on that?

Sure, using a hair removal cream can be the most inexpensive way out. But not all hair removal creams are suited for your skin type. In fact, it may be late to apply it that you realize, it is the worst thing to have ever happened to your back once the rashes pop up.

Although hair removal creams can be applied within a few minutes, you will again need someone to help you with its application. This is not always possible, especially for people who require a quick clean-up with no one around for assistance.

So, in thisbeginner’s guide to back shaving, we don’t really know how much importance these creams can consume for themselves.

4. Try A Laser Hair Removal

If you can undergo a hurtful, expensive, and complicated procedure to remove your back hair, say yes to laser hair removal. Laser hair removal may also damage your skin as the laser penetrates into your skin to damage the hair follicles.

Although the results of hair removal can turn out to be permanent, it might not be affordable for a large chunk of individuals. Especially if you are a beginner, we don’t know how far you might be okay with opting for this procedure because it may have side effects.

What’s worse is that this procedure requires multiple sittings, which means you need to spend money accordingly. It can also be quite time-consuming and definitely not easily accessible since only a handful of professionals provide it on appointments.

What’s Our Recommendation For You?

We know how painful and expensive back shaving can get. It’s been there, done that thing for all of us. But look closely, and you will realize back shaving technique is the most convenient way to get out of this mess.

If you want to break free of this fuzzy feeling, go by thisbeginner’s guide to back shavingand purchase an affordable back shaver right away. Since back shavers are easy to use, provide an independent application, and come with seldom side effects, they are our top pick for you.

Back shavers can also be the best way to start off when you are a beginner and don’t want to spend enough money on grooming. So, every time you are in the shower and hope to clean up on time, back shaving can be your go-to without any hassles.

Leverage Our Beginner’s Guide To Back Shaving

Keep in mind to prep your back before you start shaving it off. Moisten the space so that it gets easier for you to make a seamless shave. Once done, don’t forget to moisturize the region to intensify hygiene and achieve glowing skin in no time. Use gentle force to shave your back and see how it works out for you. We guarantee top-notch results

Say Goodbye to Hairy Backs: A Beginner's Guide to Back Shaving (2024)
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