How to Contact Tigo Customer Service in Colombia (2023)

At Tigo, we understand the importance of providing excellent customer service to our valued customers. We strive to make it easy for you to get in touch with us and resolve any issues or inquiries you may have. In this article, we will explain all the channels available for contacting Tigo's customer service in Colombia, including phone numbers, WhatsApp, online chat, and email. We will also provide information on the hours of operation for customer service and technical support. Let's dive in!

Contacting Tigo Customer Service by Phone

If you prefer to speak with a customer service representative over the phone, Tigo offers several phone numbers that you can use to contact us. Here are the numbers for different purposes:

  1. Tigo Customer Service (Toll-Free): You can call 01 8000 42 22 22 from a Tigo landline to reach our customer service team.
  2. Sales Enquiries (Toll-Free): If you are calling from a Tigo landline and have sales-related questions, you can dial 01 8000 41 11 11.
  3. Sales Enquiries (From a Tigo Mobile): To inquire about sales from a Tigo mobile phone, simply dial #503.
  4. National Helpline (From any National Landline): For general inquiries, you can call 118 from any national landline.
  5. Tigo Lines (From a Tigo Mobile): If you are a Tigo mobile customer, you can reach our customer service team by dialing *300.

Please note that these phone numbers are available for customers in Bogotá, Pereira, Cali, Medellín, Bucaramanga, and other cities across Colombia.

Contacting Tigo from Other Operators

If you are using a different mobile operator and need to contact Tigo, you can reach us at 01 8000 45 51 98. This toll-free number is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Once you connect with one of our advisors, they will guide you through the process and request the necessary information to validate your request.

Tigo Customer Service Hours in Colombia

Before contacting our customer service numbers, it's important to be aware of our service hours. Our technical support department is available 24/7, so you can reach out to them at any time. However, for other customer service inquiries, please take note of the following hours:

  • Mobile Services (Prepaid or Postpaid): Our customer service representatives are available from 5:00 AM to 11:59 PM every day.
  • Fixed Services Customer Support: If you have inquiries related to fixed services, our customer service team is available from 8:00 AM to 7:00 PM daily.

Tigo Customer Service Chat via WhatsApp

If you prefer to communicate through chat, Tigo provides an online chat service via WhatsApp. This chat service is available 24 hours a day for frequently asked questions. However, if you wish to speak with an advisor, please note that our chat service is available from 8:00 AM to 7:00 PM, Monday to Sunday. To access the chat, you can click on the following link: .

Contacting Tigo Customer Service via Email

In addition to phone and chat options, Tigo also offers the option to contact us via email. If you have specific requests, complaints, or inquiries, you can send an email to Our customer service team will review your email and provide the necessary assistance.

Services Covered by Tigo Customer Service

Our customer service team is here to assist you with a wide range of inquiries and requests. Here are some of the common topics you can consult with our customer service representatives:

  1. Tigo Billing and Payment Methods: If you have questions about your Tigo bill or need assistance with payment options, our team can provide the necessary information.
  2. IMEI Registration and Device Blocking: We can help you with the registration of your device's IMEI and guide you on how to block it in case of loss or theft.
  3. Service Modifications, Plan Changes, and Contract Cancellations: If you wish to make changes to your existing services, switch plans, or cancel your contract, our customer service team can assist you.
  4. Complaints and Claims: If you have any concerns or complaints, our customer service representatives are here to listen and help you resolve any issues.
  5. Tigo Business Information: For businesses and enterprises, we can provide relevant information about the services and solutions Tigo offers.
  6. Tigo TV Channels and Troubleshooting: If you have questions about Tigo TV channels, entertainment packages, or encounter any issues, our customer service team can provide assistance.
  7. International Calls with Tigo: If you need to make international calls, our customer service team can provide information on rates and available options.

How to Recharge Your Tigo Line

Recharging your Tigo line is quick and convenient. Here are some methods you can use to recharge your Tigo line:

  1. Tigo Mobile App: You can recharge your Tigo line using the Tigo mobile app, which is available for download on both Android and iOS devices.
  2. Tigo Stores: Visit any Tigo store or authorized point of sale to recharge your Tigo line.
  3. Third-Party Apps: You can also use popular third-party apps like Nequi or Movii to recharge your Tigo line.
  4. Tigo Official Website: On the official Tigo website, you can recharge your line using your bank account. Currently, there is a promotion where you can receive double data by paying with Daviplata, Nequi, Bancolombia, Debit or Credit Card.

Changing Your Tigo Service Plan

If you wish to change your Tigo service plan, you have several options available. You can make changes through the Tigo mobile app, by calling our customer service, or by visiting a Tigo store. Tigo plans typically do not have a minimum contract duration, allowing you the flexibility to switch to a more affordable or higher-tier plan as per your requirements. Our customer service representatives will also provide you with additional benefits and offers to ensure you have the best plan for your needs.

Troubleshooting Internet Service Issues

If you are experiencing issues with your Tigo internet service, there are several steps you can take to troubleshoot the problem. Here are some suggestions:

  1. Contact Customer Service: Reach out to our customer service team via phone, chat, or email to report the issue. They will guide you through the troubleshooting process and provide solutions.
  2. Visit a Tigo Store: If the issue persists, you can visit a Tigo store near you, where our representatives can assist you in resolving the problem.
  3. Online Support: Tigo's website offers a dedicated help and technical support section where you can find solutions to common internet service issues. Visit the Tigo website and navigate to the support section for more information.

In conclusion, Tigo is committed to providing excellent customer service to our valued customers in Colombia. We offer various channels for contacting our customer service team, including phone, WhatsApp chat, email, and in-person visits to our stores. Our team is available to assist you with a wide range of inquiries and requests, from billing and payment assistance to troubleshooting internet service issues. We strive to ensure that your experience with Tigo is smooth and satisfactory.

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