How to Contact MAPFRE: A Comprehensive Guide (2023)

MAPFRE is a leading insurance company that provides various types of insurance policies to its customers. If you are a MAPFRE policyholder and need assistance or have inquiries, there are several ways to contact the company. In this article, we will provide you with a comprehensive guide on how to contact MAPFRE for different purposes, including health insurance, home insurance, life insurance, travel assistance, and more.

MAPFRE Customer Service: How Policyholders Receive Assistance

Depending on the type of insurance policy you have with MAPFRE, the company offers different channels for customer support. Here are the contact details for various types of insurance policies:

Health Insurance: Free Phone Number for Immediate Medical Assistance

For health insurance, MAPFRE provides a free phone number for immediate medical assistance as well as authorization of benefits and general information. If you require immediate medical assistance, you can call the following number:

  • Phone Number for Immediate Medical Assistance: 900 122 122

    Home Insurance: Phone Number for Home Assistance

If you need assistance with any incidents that require home assistance, such as repairs or emergencies, you can use the same contact number as for roadside assistance:

  • Phone Number for Home Assistance: 918 365 365 - 900 822 822

    Life Insurance: Phone Numbers for Specific Inquiries

For life insurance, MAPFRE offers dedicated phone numbers to address specific inquiries or report accidents. These phone numbers are as follows:

  • Telephone Number for General Information and Accident Reporting: 918 366 224- Telephone Number for Information on Funeral Services: 918 366 181

    Travel Assistance: Phone Numbers for Travel-related Issues

If you have travel insurance with MAPFRE and require assistance while traveling, the company has specific phone numbers to handle travel-related issues. The contact details are as follows:

  • Phone Number for Travel Assistance: 918 366 280- Phone Number for 24-hour Assistance for Personal Accidents: 915 811 823- Phone Number for 24-hour Assistance for Auto Accidents: 915 811 818

    Roadside Assistance: Free Phone Number for National and International Coverage

For policyholders with auto insurance, MAPFRE provides two free phone numbers for roadside assistance, available 24/7, both nationally and internationally:

  • Phone Number for National Roadside Assistance: 918 365 365 - 900 822 822- Phone Number for International Roadside Assistance: 915 811 818

    Commercial Inquiries: Phone Numbers for Insurance-related Questions

If you are looking for commercial assistance or have insurance-related questions, MAPFRE has a dedicated phone number for general commercial inquiries. The contact details are as follows:

  • Phone Number for Commercial Inquiries: 918 365 365

    Accessing the MAPFRE Customer Area: How to Manage Your Policies

MAPFRE provides a comprehensive customer area where policyholders can access various services and manage their policies. To access the customer area, you can follow these steps:

  1. Visit the MAPFRE website and navigate to the customer area section.
  2. Register as a user by providing the required information, including:
    • Identification document (DNI)
    • Full name (first and last name)
    • Email address
    • Mobile phone number (for verification purposes)
  3. Once registered, you can log in to the customer area using your email address and password.
  4. In the customer area, you will have access to a range of services, including:
    • Policy and claim information
    • Submitting claims
    • Requesting reimbursements
    • Accessing duplicate documents
    • Communicating with MAPFRE regarding claims or other inquiries
    • Viewing medical assistance details
    • Exploring customer benefits, savings, and services

MAPFRE Offices: Locating the Nearest Branch

MAPFRE has a wide network of offices throughout Spain, with branches in major cities such as Madrid, Barcelona, and Valencia. If you prefer face-to-face assistance, you can visit the nearest MAPFRE office. Here are some examples of MAPFRE offices in these cities:

MAPFRE Offices in Madrid

  • Rda Segovia 29, 28005 Madrid

    • Phone: 913642239 - 670336811 - 670336811- Embajadores 90, 28012 Madrid
    • Phone: 913545969- Calle Pez 32, 28005 Madrid
    • Phone: 913577688 - 689310504- Ferraz 56, 28008 Madrid
    • Phone: 917587185 - 606529228- Pez 32, 28004 Madrid
    • Phone: 913577688 - 689310504

      MAPFRE Offices in Barcelona

  • Maria Aurelia Capmany 14, 08001 Barcelona

    • Phone: 934432392 - 604161539- Bruc 51-53, 08009 Barcelona
    • Phone: 938872600 - 628484435- Muntaner 40, 08011 Barcelona
    • Phone: 934448370- Casanova 2, 08011 Barcelona
    • Phone: 932289654 - 932289655- Casp 119, 08013 Barcelona
    • Phone: 932323206 - 639068880 - 639068880

      MAPFRE Offices in Valencia

  • Joan D'austria 32, 46002 Valencia

    • Phone: 961485385- Mestre Gonzalbo 31, 46005 Valencia
    • Phone: 963162550 - 665574273 - 665574273- Erudit Orellana 18, 46008 Valencia
    • Phone: 963824725- Albacete 31, 46007 Valencia
    • Phone: 963414683- Quart 110, 46008 Valencia
    • Phone: 963824166

      Frequently Asked Questions about MAPFRE Contact Information

Here are some frequently asked questions regarding MAPFRE contact details:

What is the free phone number for MAPFRE?

The free phone number for MAPFRE customer service is 918 365 365.

How do I contact MAPFRE for home insurance?

For home insurance inquiries or assistance, you can use the following phone numbers: 918 365 365 and 900 822 822.

How do I access the MAPFRE customer area?

To access the MAPFRE customer area, you need to register as a user on the MAPFRE website. Provide your identification document, full name, email address, and mobile phone number for verification. Once registered, you can log in to the customer area using your email address and password.

How do I contact MAPFRE for travel assistance?

If you require travel assistance, you can contact MAPFRE at the phone number 918 366 280.

How do I contact MAPFRE for commercial inquiries?

For commercial inquiries or insurance-related questions, you can contact MAPFRE at the phone number 918 365 365.


MAPFRE offers various channels for policyholders to contact the company for assistance, inquiries, or claims. Whether you need immediate medical assistance, home or roadside assistance, or have questions about your insurance policies, MAPFRE provides dedicated phone numbers and a customer area for easy access to services. Additionally, MAPFRE has a wide network of offices throughout Spain, allowing policyholders to receive face-to-face assistance when needed.

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