How to Choose the Best PosteMobile Offers for Switching Operators (2023)

Switching mobile operators can be a daunting task, as there are numerous offers to choose from and the comparison process can be complex. At Selectra, we are here to help you understand the various options offered by different operators, so you can make an informed decision. In this article, we will focus on the offers provided by PosteMobile for those who are looking for a simple and advantageous opportunity to save money.

Switch to PosteMobile: Offers for Customers Switching Operators

PosteMobile, although less widespread than the major players in the market, offers attractive plans for customers who are considering switching from operators such as TIM, Vodafone, and WindTre. Established in 2007 as part of Poste Italiane's innovative initiative to provide customers with a tool for transferring money without physically visiting post offices, PosteMobile has become one of the leading virtual operators in the Italian market. Initially relying on the Vodafone network until 2014, PosteMobile then switched to the WindTre network and returned to Vodafone in June 2021.

Today, PosteMobile offers a wide range of plans, both for mobile and fixed-line services, many of which provide savings by utilizing the network of a traditional operator, covering almost the entire national territory. Whether you are looking for a mobile plan or a fixed-line offer, PosteMobile has options to suit your needs.

PosteMobile Offers for Mobile Users Switching from TIM, Vodafone, or WindTre

For customers who switch to PosteMobile directly from TIM, Vodafone, or WindTre, there is a special offer called "PM Super Ricarica." This offer includes the following features:

  • Monthly cost: €2
  • 1 GB of Internet in 4G+ included
  • 18 cents per minute and per SMS

With this offer, you can enjoy additional services such as "Ti cerco" (I'm looking for you) and "Richiama ora" (Call me now), call notification, and credit balance check by dialing 401212. The tariff for calls is based on 60-second intervals, with an initial charge of 18 cents per minute. The activation fee for the SIM card is €15.

In addition to the PM Super Ricarica offer, PosteMobile also provides the "6 x Tutti" offer for customers who switch directly online from another mobile operator. This offer includes the following features:

  • 16 cents per minute and per SMS
  • 3.5 euros per day for 400 MB per day

The internet usage is subject to a daily base rate of €3.5 for 400 MB, charged upon the first connection made within the day in the national territory. The consumption is calculated based on the actual kilobytes used until midnight of the same day, with an additional charge of 0.1 cents for every 100 KB beyond the limit. This offer is activated online with a new SIM card and a simultaneous request for number portability from another mobile operator.

PosteMobile Offers for Fixed-Line Services with PosteCasa Ultraveloce

If you are looking to switch to PosteMobile for your home internet, one of the best offers available in November 2023 is PosteCasa Ultraveloce. This offer is specifically for internet services and does not include fixed-line calls. Here are the details of the offer:

  • Fiber up to 1 Gbps + a second unlimited connection on the 4G network
  • Portable Wi-Fi modem and internet key included
  • Activation, delivery, and installation: €49
  • Monthly cost: €26.90

PosteCasa Ultraveloce is made possible through a strategic agreement between Open Fiber and PostePay, a subsidiary of Poste Italiane that markets telecommunications services under the brand PosteMobile. The activation fee for this plan is €49, which will be charged in the following month's bill. The rates mentioned (including VAT) are valid only for national traffic and do not include calls to international numbers or premium-rate services.


Switching mobile or fixed-line operators can be a complex decision, but with the right information, you can make an informed choice. PosteMobile offers a range of attractive plans for customers who are considering switching from operators such as TIM, Vodafone, and WindTre. Whether you are looking for a mobile plan or a fixed-line offer, PosteMobile has options that can help you save money and meet your communication needs.

Remember to carefully consider your usage requirements and compare the offers available to find the best fit for you.

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