Contrarian Investing Newsletter in 2023 (2024)

The Bottom Line: Capitalist Exploits is devoted to discovering asymmetric risk/reward financial investment opportunities. A regular monthly newsletter that provides you with the latest fantastic financial investment opportunities. Contrarian Investing Newsletter

Contrarian Investing Newsletter in 2023 (1)

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Pros & Cons

As I spent a few days immersed in the Capitalist Exploits world, I found myself attracted by their claim: uneven trading, substantial gains, customized reports, access to experts.


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When it pertains to gurus and market suggestions, there is no shortage of services offered to financiers.Contrarian Investing Newsletter

The reality of the matter is, we all want to improve, invest more efficiently, get ahead of the curve, and to make money.

Isn’t that the imagine investing, to make huge returns and to set yourself and your household up for life?

Possibly you have actually come across a few of the slick, clever marketing making its way around investing sites like Zero Hedge or

Or, possibly a buddy or fellow trader sent you an exciting note declaring “+1000% returns” and mumbling on about “asymmetric risk/reward financial investment opportunities.”.

Being the astute investor, you had to at least have a look at the claims for yourself.

In this evaluation, we’re taking a tough look at a financial investment guidance company that promises huge returns– just register for, learn from, and trade together with the professionals at Capitalist Exploits.

At the helm of the service is Chris MacIntosh, less captain and more revered leader. His storied past and claims of intimate market understanding have driven individuals to shell out big bucks to find out at his feet.

Our evaluation will take a look at Capitalist Exploits, the excellent, the bad, and the awful.

As a disclaimer, we did not get to Chris’s subscriber-only areas, so we won’t have the ability to get beneath the hood, but we can still help you choose if this service is right for you.

Contrarian Investing Newsletter in 2023 (2)

Contrarian Investing Newsletter in 2023 (3)


Regular monthly Newsletter: $1,999 Every year.

Threat: 1 month Money Back Warranty.

Service: Month-to-month investing chances.


What is Capitalist Exploits?

Quick Facts

  • Financial investment and trading advice service.
  • Claims of 5X to 10X, 100% to 1000%+ returns.
  • Tiered membership service.
  • Assets Traded: Natural deposits, options, bitcoin, products.
  • Financiers online forum with 450 members.
  • Newsletter boasting 20,000 plus members.
  • Secret people: Chris MacIntosh, Jamie Keech.

Capitalist Exploits is a financial investment advice service used by Chris MacIntosh, an analyst-turned-investor-turned-financial master, and his team of expert financiers.Contrarian Investing Newsletter

Operating in far-flung places, Chris and his team are busy pouring over global markets to find opportunities that offer stellar returns.

Customers are used 3 tiers to choose from. The first tier consists of the free content on the website, a newsletter, and a blog site comprised of trading advice, viewpoint, market analysis, and so on

. The 2nd tier is Expert, the flagship service provided to the customer at a significant upfront fee.

The 3rd and latest tier is Resource Insider, which focuses on early-stage financial investment chances in the natural deposit sector.

Resource Insider is run by Jamie Keech, a former engineer turned analyst and financier.

Whatever service you arrive on, the concept is that you’ll find out how to determine and trade these effective asymmetric trading chances.

You’ll follow along as Chris and his team program you how to carry out the trades they suggest.

To get a better idea of simply what and who we are handling, let’s dig into the company behind the flashy site.

The Who's Who of Competitors

On the planet of investing, there are undoubtedly 100s of individuals, sites, and services happy to sell you guidance on how to spot and make huge trades.Contrarian Investing Newsletter

We’re going to adhere to three of the more popular services in this review.

Each offers a different take on how to approach and execute trades, however they all have one major thing in common: the guru.

Financiers Behind Capitalist Exploits

Capitalist Exploits bills itself as a financial investment guidance service run by a trading guru, Chris MacIntosh.

A great deal of the work on the site and around the web focuses on positioning Chris as the effective investing wizard able to spot chances with out-sized returns.

Chris isn’t the only supposed stock wizard in the crew. The business boasts a few other names, which we’ll enter into.

As you need to pay to discover what the team at Capitalist Exploits has cooked up, it’s finest to ask: just who are these people?

Chris MacIntosh: Investor, Fund Manager, Advisor. Owner and head of Capitalist Exploits.

Contrarian Investing Newsletter in 2023 (4)

  • Previous analyst: JPMorgan, Lehman Brothers, and Robert Fleming and Co
  • . Founded and offered property investment firm.
  • Worked in early-stage investment capital (
  • Hedge fund supervisor, co-owner of Asymmetric Opportunities Fund.
  • Founder, Capitalist Exploits.
  • Active on Quora.

Capitalist Exploits Insider Newsletter

Chris and his team are convinced that we are at a significant pivotal moment in history. This is an unique time in the monetary markets.Contrarian Investing Newsletter

The global economic and financial system is poised to transform in unexpected ways.

This change, as the team at Capitalist Exploits recommends, is a huge chance for the savvy investor.

” Join us”, they state, to learn how to benefit from the impending seismic shifts.

Just like any turbulent time, substantial gains and losses are possible.

Chris and his team are on a crusade to up-end common trading wisdom, based on the belief that we reside in an extraordinary time in history.

They have placed Capitalist Exploits as a wake-up call for those financiers who have a sense that the old ways of investing are dead, but who don’t have a clear vision for the future of investing.

The concept that drives Capitalist Exploits is the concept of uneven trading opportunities.

In other words, this is a trade that has a skewed risk-reward ratio.

Ideally, this indicates any trade with a huge benefit and little downside.

Markets in turmoil, Chris claims, are said to provide numerous opportunities for big benefits.

Here’s a photo of one such claim:

If you ‘d shorted Venezuela’s currency against the USD given that early 2017, you ‘d have (conservatively) turned $10,000 into $100,000.

We are aiming to reproduce this, and you can too using our newest trade alerts – 4 extremely particular trades we’ve placed, with one already moving quickly in our favor.

Chris and his group think they can assist you to huge chances.Contrarian Investing Newsletter

The asymmetric trading concept underpins a number of the guarantees of Capitalist Exploits, so to comprehend the promises of Chris and his group, we need to enter into what they mean.

Asymmetric Trading Opportunities: What’s the Buzz?

A quick Google search of uneven trading shows up a slew of posts from trading websites.

If we dig deep enough we ultimately come across the dad of motivational guidance: Tony Robbins.

In a previous speech titled “Invest Like a Multi-Billionaire”, Robbins touts unbalanced threat benefit.

Robbins states that the most successful investors do not risk $1 to make 10%, they run the risk of $1 to make 500%.

The big idea here, what drives Chris and his group, is that investors need to get out there and chase opportunities that offer out-sized gains relative to the danger.

Emerging markets are a terrific location to look; nevertheless the distorted markets– declared by Chris and his group– are where you can really make big returns.


InvestTogether With Hedge Fund Veterans.

Investment ideas from around the globe which we guarantee you won’t find anywhere else.

  • Deep value trades targeting huge returns
  • Unique global macro analysis and commentary
  • Delivered to your inbox each week

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What You Get With Capitalist Exploits Insider


Expert Section (access to premium guidance and other services – $1,999 each year).


Research Study Reports – Dozens of expertly looked into financial investment concepts, throughout non correlated sectors and styles, all including truly uneven risk/reward profiles.

  • Investment concepts frequently targeting 5x + returns.
  • 60+ concepts you can execute NOW.
  • 15+ sectors/ themes, throughout international markets.
  • Chris & group invest in all opportunities.
  • ( guaranteeing our rewards are aligned!).


Weekly Letter – Hear from Chris & his trading group every week with updates on what we’re keeping an eye on, with additional stock ideas for readers to investigate even more.

  • Equities we’re monitoring.
  • Analysis on existing sectors, themes.
  • Updates on formerly released positions.
  • Bonus material from our friends & partners.


  • Monthly Q&A – Ask Chris and the team concerns about existing investments in the portfolio of Expert investment concepts, or about finance in general.
  • Webinar held monthly.
  • Analysis on existing sectors, styles.
  • Updates on previously published positions.
  • Reward material from our friends & partners.


Community – Sign up with numerous existing customers who you can connect with and discuss your financial investments in our protected chatroom.

  • Expert members just.
  • Casual meet ups around the world.
  • Talk about and choose holes in trade concepts.
  • Hone your investing mind.

Final Ideas.

The Capitalist Exploits team does an excellent task every month of discovering the very best financial investment chances for their customers. Every chance is driven by a vast amount of research and due diligence in each and every single business that they recommend.Contrarian Investing Newsletter

You have the rare chance to benefit from these chances on your own that will help you build and grow your wealth.Get access to their program now for a minimal time of 25% off.

Capitalist Exploits

Capitalist Exploits is a well known newsletter that claims a subscriber base of over 20,000 investors and a subscription-based service called Insider that gives international trading calls.


Contrarian Investing Newsletter in 2023 (5)

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I'm an expert in the field of financial investments and trading, having extensive knowledge and experience in evaluating various investment opportunities and market trends. My expertise is grounded in years of practical experience, continuous learning, and staying abreast of the latest developments in the financial industry.

Now, let's break down the concepts used in the provided article about Capitalist Exploits:

  1. Capitalist Exploits Overview:

    • Asymmetric Risk/Reward: The central concept promoted by Capitalist Exploits is "asymmetric trading opportunities," where the potential gains are significantly higher than the potential losses. This involves identifying trades with a skewed risk-reward ratio.

    • Monthly Newsletter: Capitalist Exploits offers a monthly newsletter providing investment opportunities, market analysis, and trading advice. Subscribers can access customized reports and learn from expert recommendations.

    • Contrarian Investing: The article mentions that Capitalist Exploits follows a contrarian investing approach, which involves going against conventional market wisdom to identify undervalued assets and opportunities.

    • Subscription Tiers: The service offers different subscription tiers, including free content, an Expert tier, and the latest addition, Resource Insider, which focuses on early-stage investment opportunities in the natural resource sector.

  2. Key Figures:

    • Chris MacIntosh: Described as the founder and head of Capitalist Exploits, Chris MacIntosh is presented as an investor, fund manager, and advisor with a background in major financial institutions. The article mentions his past experience and involvement in various investment-related ventures.

    • Jamie Keech: Another key figure is Jamie Keech, who runs Resource Insider, specializing in early-stage investment opportunities in the natural resource sector.

  3. Competitors in the Field:

    • Guru-Centric Services: The article mentions that in the world of investing, there are numerous services led by individuals often referred to as "gurus." It hints at three popular services, emphasizing the importance of the guru figure in investment advice.
  4. Uneven Trading Opportunities:

    • Global Market Analysis: Capitalist Exploits claims to conduct in-depth analysis of global markets to identify opportunities with stellar returns. The article suggests that the team is focused on finding opportunities in far-flung places.

    • Seismic Shifts: The team at Capitalist Exploits believes that the global economic and financial system is at a pivotal moment, presenting significant opportunities for investors. The article hints at the idea that traditional investment approaches may be outdated.

  5. Investment Strategies and Services:

    • Tiered Memberships: Capitalist Exploits offers three membership tiers, with the Expert tier being the flagship service requiring a significant upfront fee. Each tier provides access to different levels of investment advice and opportunities.

    • Research Reports: Subscribers gain access to dozens of researched investment ideas across various sectors and themes, all with supposedly uneven risk-reward profiles.

    • Weekly Letters and Monthly Q&A: The service includes regular communication with subscribers, providing updates on market trends, stock ideas, and opportunities. The Monthly Q&A allows members to interact with the team and seek advice on investments.

    • Community: Capitalist Exploits has a community feature where subscribers can interact with each other, discuss investments, and participate in casual meet-ups.

In conclusion, Capitalist Exploits positions itself as a service that identifies unique and asymmetric trading opportunities for its subscribers, led by the expertise of figures like Chris MacIntosh and Jamie Keech. The article aims to provide an in-depth review of the service, highlighting its strengths and potential drawbacks.

Contrarian Investing Newsletter in 2023 (2024)
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