Compare the Best Broadband and TV Deals in August 2023 (2023)

Compare the best Broadband and TV Deals Compare the UK's best TV and broadband packages Compare deals

Reasons to Bundle TV and Broadband

Opting for a broadband and TV deal can come with a lot of benefits. For example, bundling broadband, tv and phone deals and services can often get you a cheaper price than if you choose separate TV and broadband packages. Purchasing these together will also simplify the billing process, since you will be receiving one bill instead of individual ones. On top of that, many companies provide extra perks when you choose a broadband bundle, which can include anything from vouchers, devices or cash back incentives.

Save on Monthly Cost

The cost of your broadband and TV deal depends on several factors, such as broadband speed, the channels you choose, additional freebies or added perks, and more. The more you bundle, the more you can save when comparing standard pricing across separate packages. Make sure you choose a deal that only includes the services your household needs. The cheapest broadband deals with TV may not offer everything you want, so it’s always best to compare packages to get the best deal for your requirements.

Easy Billing

Keeping up with multiple bills each month can be a hassle. Choosing a broadband and TV deal can make the process easier by having one single bill to pay. Many providers include the option of adding on streaming services to your package, which can reduce the amount of bills you receive each month even further.

Freebies and Add-Ons

Some broadband and TV bundles come with freebies and add-ons to attract new customers and bring more value to their existing ones. Streaming services like Netflix, Prime Video, or home cinema memberships are common among the top providers. Some even offer free gift cards to spend on Amazon or in popular supermarkets for new customers signing up. Every package is different, so be sure to shop around to see if there’s a deal with the service you need and a bonus or two!

Compare Broadband and TV Providers

When it comes to choosing the best broadband and tv deals, you have no shortage of options to choose from. There are many great deals available from the best broadband providers in the UK. Here is a selection of packages with superfast average speeds or more:

Provider Average Download Speed* TV Channels
Sky Broadband 145 Mbps 150+
Virgin Media 362 Mbps 370+
BT Broadband 67 Mbps 175+
NOW Broadband 63 Mbps 20+
TalkTalk 145 Mbps 100+

*Highest average speed available. Speeds in your area may vary. Sky Broadband and TV


Sky deals, broadband and tv, offers over 150 premium channels of all sorts and genres. Sky Sports is popular with sports enthusiasts because they broadcast some of the world’s biggest sporting events, and you can also add BT Sport to your Sky package. Sky Cinema regularly screens blockbuster movies and, if you are a big fan of TV series, Sky Atlantic has you covered with some of the most famous American TV shows. Sky offers several fibre broadband packages with unlimited usage, and requires you to pay line rental to get connected.

Explore more Sky Broadband deals.

Virgin Media

Virgin Media broadband and TV deals provide you with a bundle of 370+ TV channels with optional premium add-ons like Sky Cinema, Sky Sports and BT Sport. Virgin Media also provides some of the fastest average speeds in the country, ranging from 54 Mbps up to 1Gbps. These download speeds will allow you to stream 4k videos seamlessly. It also provides you with unlimited downloads and offers special deals to new customers. Virgin Media mobile deals, which you can also add to your bundle, provide another good incentive to subscribe to their offer. Read our guide about providers with the most complaints.

Explore more Virgin Media broadband deals.


BT provides high-speed fibre broadband with average speeds ranging from 17 Mbps to 900 Mbps, with plenty of different TV add-ons on offer through its partnership with NOW TV. One of the best perks from BT is the flexibility of its broadband and TV packages. It offers TV packages built for specific interests, such as drama, movies and sports, with the option to add Sky Sports as well as BT Sport. What sets it apart is that you can switch to a different package every 30 days.

Explore more BT Broadband deals.

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You can switch to a new package every 30 days. Only interested in football? Get a BT Sport package during the football season and swap it out for something else (or simply cancel) during the summer.

NOW Broadband

NOW Broadband offers fibre broadband with average speeds ranging from 11 Mbps up to 63 Mbps, with flexible TV plans that you can customise according to your preferences. It offers four flexible plans, with unlimited usage and zero activation fees. These packages are Entertainment, Cinema (including Sky Cinema), Sports (including both Sky Sports and BT Sport), and Hayu, which is a streaming option specifically for watching US reality TV shows. You can also stream Netflix via NOW TV if you have a subscription. Compare Sky TV vs. NOW TV.

Explore more NOW Broadband deals.


TalkTalk offers broadband speeds of up to 145 Mbps, paired with TV packages offering over 100 Freeview and premium TV channels. TalkTalk uses the Openreach network and requires line rental to get customers connected to the internet. It is one of the most affordable TV and fibre broadband providers in the country, allowing for several customisation options to ensure you get your favourite channels, though sports fans will not be able to add BT Sport to their TV package directly. TalkTalk provides a speed estimation to new customers based on their location, and prices may vary depending on the minimum term on the contract you sign up for.

Explore more TalkTalk broadband deals.

Some broadband providers, such as Vodafone, don’t offer much in the way of TV or entertainment extras, and are better-suited to those looking to add mobile services to their broadband package. With Virgin Media, Sky, BT, and Plusnet, you can add both!

How to Find the Best Broadband and TV Packages

Understand the availability

The advertised broadband speed and price of an offer won’t matter much if the service isn’t available in your area. Before committing to any plan, you should always use a postcode checker to find broadband deals available in your area. Some companies, like Hyperoptic or Gigaclear, provide coverage in limited areas, while others provide nationwide coverage.

Check the customer Service

Customer service is a huge factor when choosing a broadband and TV service. Always check online customer reviews before opting for any service provider. While losing internet access can be frustrating, a simple and effective customer service team can make all the difference in resolving your issue quickly.

What channel variety to do you get?

The variety of the channels matters if you are a big-time TV watcher. If you have other members of the family that share the subscription, you will probably want to go for a service that offers a variety of different channels catering to all interests and age groups of those living in the house. There is a wide selection of channel options available, including sports (look out for Sky Sports and BT Sport), movies (look out for Sky Cinema), drama, box sets, children’s television and many more. Some TV packages also include a subscription or free trial to streaming services like Netflix and Amazon Prime Video.

Compare download speeds and usage Limits

These two factors entirely depend on your usage of the internet. If you’re a heavy user, you might need high-speed fibre broadband with average download speeds of 100 Mbps or more and unlimited downloads. If you love to play games online and want to stream Netflix in HD, then you’ll need ultrafast speeds and will definitely want to consider a fibre broadband deal. If you only need the internet for checking emails and browsing, you can go for standard broadband with average download speeds of around 11Mbps - this will be the cheapest broadband deal. For streaming, gaming, and downloading music comfortably, you should go for unlimited broadband and average download speeds of 50 Mbps or more.

Can I Get a Bundle With Broadband, TV, and a Landline?

It is quite easy to get a bundle deal that includes broadband, tv and a landline. In fact, most major broadband providers such as TalkTalk, BT, Vodafone, EE, Plusnet, Sky and others offer broadband, tv and landline deals.

The majority of broadband providers offer deals that include a landline rental as standard, as this is often how the connection is delivered to your home.

What Is the Cheapest Broadband and TV Package?

TalkTalk offers the cheapest broadband and tv package overall. With a TalkTalk broadband and tv package, you will pay £28.95 per month for the subscription. TalkTalk allows provides access to Freeview channels and streaming services like NOW, Netflix, Prime Video and YouTube.

Who Has the Best Internet and TV Bundle?

Virgin Media boasts of the best internet and tv bundles on the market. With Virgin Media, you will receive an average speed of 264MB, unlimited downloads and access to over 100 channels, plus TV apps and over 500 Box Sets. This will come at the highly competitive price of £31 a month.

Types of TV Service

There are several options available to you when choosing a broadband bundle. The best deal for you is one that meets your needs when it comes to cost, availability, and service.

Satellite TV

Satellite TV requires a dish antenna installed outside your home and it is offered by Sky network. It gives you a wide range of selection and viewing options. Some of the popular satellite TV channels in the UK include Sky TV, Sky Sports, Sky Cinema and Sky News.

Cable TV

Cable TV is offered by laying physical cables to your home. Virgin Media has exclusive rights for cable TV in the UK and its network covers just under 50% of the UK. You can check if Virgin Media is availabile in your area by entering your postcode into our checker.


Streaming services like Netflix and Amazon Prime can be accessed via the internet with a smart TV, a games console, or a computer.


IPTV is an internet protocol TV connection that is available through a fixed broadband connection. BT TV is a popular example of IPTV that is provided through the Openreach network.


Freeview is the most basic TV service available across the UK via digital antennas. It doesn’t require a broadband connection to access but many broadband providers offer Freeview as well as boxes or recording devices as part of their TV and broadband packages, so you can record and re-watch your favourite shows.


Youview is a service similar to Freeview, and is available without a subscription fee and provides a variety of free-to-air and pay-TV content. BT and TalkTalk bundles provide a free TV box with YouView in their bundles.

Available TV Channels

There are plenty of options in terms of TV channels provided by different service providers. These channels include both Freeview and premium options. Some of the premium channels are exclusive to certain service providers.

If you’re a fan of watching TV, you should first check the list of TV channels provided within a deal’s standard pricing. BT Sport, Sky Sports, and Sky Cinema are offered by many service providers, including BT, Virgin Media, TalkTalk, and Sky. An increasing number of providers also offer inclusive access to streaming services like Netflix as part of their deal.

Prices will vary according to your package and provider. Not every channel that you want will be available in the standard pricing of the bundle, so you should check carefully before you switch your broadband and TV deal.

Points to Consider Before Changing Broadband and TV Deals Provider

If you are thinking of integrating your broadband and TV packages into one bundle, there are a number of things you should consider before changing your provider. Each deal will have its attractions, whether this is faster download speeds, better availability in your area or award-winning customer support. Let’s take a look at the top things to consider before changing broadband and tv deal providers.

Download Speeds

One of the most important things to consider is the download speed offered by the provider. If you use a lot of the internet daily or are a frequent online gamer, you will likely need download speeds of 40 Mbps.


Arguably one of the most important factors to many people switching broadband and tv deal providers is the price you are going to pay. Faster internet speeds and unlimited downloads are likely to raise the price, so it’s always important to shop around and compare many deals.

Contract Length

It’s good practice to be aware of the contract length you want to sign up for, before committing to a deal. Contract lengths can vary between a monthly rolling agreement and up to two years.

Customer Support

Bear in mind what quality of customer support you are likely to receive. It’s always frustrating when the internet goes down, but having a helpful and easy-to-use customer support system can make the difficult time far easier. This being said, it’s always good to research customer support reviews, before choosing a new broadband and TV deals provider.

Pros and Cons of Getting a TV and Broadband Deal

Compare the Best Broadband and TV Deals in August 2023 (2) Pros

  • Packages include a variety of channels
  • Often includes Freeview and other premium options
  • Many providers include streaming services eg Netflix
  • Save time and money in one bundle
  • Get access to BT Sport, Sky Sports, Sky Cinema and others

Compare the Best Broadband and TV Deals in August 2023 (3) Cons

  • Service may not be available in your area
  • Standard packages may not include all the channels you want to watch

FAQs - broadband and TV deals

Compare the Best Broadband and TV Deals in August 2023 (4) Compare the Best Broadband and TV Deals in August 2023 (5)

Is line rental included in broadband and TV deals?

The majority of broadband deals come with a phone line, as line rental is in most cases necessary to connect you to the internet. To make their deals more attractive, many providers offer free phone services with their TV and broadband packages. If you want more than just TV, you can also find manybroadband and phone dealswith TV add-ons. Phone services include free monthly minutes, free weekend calls, as well as discounted international and premium calls.

Some providers, like Virgin Media, offer truly broadband-only deals without the need to pay for line rental, and allow you to add TV services to these if you want.

Can you get a TV and broadband deal without a phone line?

It is possible to get a broadband and TV deal without line rental, although it does limit your options. Virgin Media owns the only wide-reaching cable network and is the only ISP offering a broadband and TV deal without line rental. Even if you don’t use your landline at all, it is still cheaper to pay forbroadband and line rental.

How do TV and broadband contracts work?

A TV and broadband contract is a legal agreement between the users and the service providers. Failure to pay the obligations can result in penalties for the user. Since there is a lot of competition in the UK market, most contracts are designed to make it difficult to switch. It’s important to read the terms and conditions before entering into a contract, paying special attention to the minimum term and the cost of terminating your contract early.

Your contract includes information about setup costs, upfront payments, moving home charges, late payments, the minimum term, and early termination charges. A contract outlines responsibilities and obligations on both the user end and the service provider’s end. The Office of the Telecommunications Ombudsman (OTELO) can help in a resolution between a buyer and the service provider. Usually, a contract with a longer term is cheaper than a short-term contract, but consider whether you want to be tied down for the stated duration.

Can you get a better TV and broadband deal by switching providers?

The best broadband and TV deals are sometimes advertised as being for “new customers only” because providers see offering thecheapest prices on broadbandas an effective way to win customers from their competitors. Broadband and TV prices generally increase after the end of your contract, so check and consider switching if your existing deal has ended - you won’t be charged in this case.

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