Best Fantasy Finance Games to Play and Win Money (2024)

Would you like to gain knowledge of the stock market and earn real cash at the same time? Fantasy Stock games are the way to go! You don’t have to feel guilty for being a couch potato when you put your idle time to good use! Learn how to build your portfolio and earn extra income through fantasy finance games.

Why Fantasy Finance Games?

Finance games are an ideal combination of fun, competition, and education. You can improve your financial literacy by playing these games regularly. The best part is the knowledge you gain from the game can be applied in real life to create extra income.

Fantasy Finance Games Vs. Traditional Trading Simulators

Fantasy Finance games are very different from traditional trading simulators because one thrives on being a game while the other imitates real trading floors without the risk.

Fantasy finance offers you the experience of gaming and a trading simulator all in one. It is much more fun and practical for those who want to develop an interest in the stock market.

On the other hand, a trading simulator is not a game. They are more educative than entertaining. It is about learning how to trade and testing trading strategies with virtual capital.

Another major difference is that you can win money in fantasy finance games, while traditional trading simulators may just offer you in-app rewards.

6 Fantasy Finance Games for Extra Income

Imagine if all of our time spent playing games on our phones translated into cash? Some of us would have probably bought a new car by now. On a more serious note, playing fantasy finance games may not make you the next Elon Musk, but at least you will learn how to trade and earn a little cash on the side.

Invaluable knowledge at little to no cost is one of the many benefits of playing fantasy finance games. Also, you get to contend and battle stocks with players at all levels.

You can play to win cash or earn a spot on the leadership board. Usually, on these platforms, payouts are quick and easy. You can withdraw your earnings via your preferred payment method.

So relax and enjoy your couch time! Here is our rundown of the best fantasy finance games that pay you real money!


Invstr is an award-winning investment app that helps you make smarter investments. The idea of the game is to build the confidence of users enough to make them invest.

Invstr aims to be a resource where people can turn to educate themselves about investments without feeling overwhelmed.

Invstr has a friendly user interface. Once you sign up, you receive $1 million to manage a virtual portfolio, which you can use to open ten trades per day.

Competitions are held once at the end of each month, and the cash prizes range from $10 – $500. Also, if you lose your capital, you may have to fund your account with a little bit of cash.

Best Fantasy Finance Games to Play and Win Money (2)


Vestly is a stock trading game that lets people share investment ideas through group chats. You can play stock games and connect with other skilled traders from around the globe.

Vestly believes that we know more about the stock market than we actually realize. So, they’ve created a fun and interactive game where we can learn to trade and copy other users’ trading strategies.

To play on Vestly, everyone starts with the same investment amount. You pick 3 top stock choices, and if they go up, you earn more points. The more points you earn will put you in line to win the cash prize.

Best Fantasy Finance Games to Play and Win Money (3)


StockBattle is a fantasy finance game built on proven fantasy sports mechanics. It was founded with the intent of making financial market education more inclusive.

The game aims to combine the thrill of competition with the ups and downs of the financial market. Anyone above 18 can battle stocks and learn about the crypto markets without having to risk their own capital.

StockBattle has a brilliant user interface. It is diverse because you can participate in both stock and crypto games to win fantastic cash prizes. Players can pick any stocks of their choice like Tesla, PayPal, Alibaba, and more to build a virtual portfolio.

You can test various trading strategies while you learn how to trade the risk-free way. And compete with top traders around the world to learn from their trading strategies.

StockBattle is free, and they offer games with higher prize pools which you can participate in for less than a dollar. Prize pools can range from $1 – $200 per game and you can play as many as 10 games a day.

To play, pick 5 stocks or cryptos to see if they will rise within a 15-minute or 1-hour game. The player with the most accurate price prediction wins the game.

The crypto market is live for 24 hours, while the Nasdaq game starts when the stock market opens to provide more accurate data and real-time experience. For convenience, you can queue up your stock picks before the stock market opens.

Best Fantasy Finance Games to Play and Win Money (4)

Iron Condor

Iron Condor is a market simulator game where you can trade stocks, cryptos, and options. The game is available for anyone with an email address.

Free users are given $100,000 to invest. In contrast, Premium users will pay $5/month to increase their investment capital to $1,000,000 and are free to make as many portfolios as they want.

Whether paid or free, all the features of Iron Condor’s trading are the same. You can use Stop and Limit orders to make actual trades, and when the market is closed, you can place orders to complete when it opens again.

Best Fantasy Finance Games to Play and Win Money (5)

Pick 5 Stocks Challenge

Pick 5 stocks is a fantasy finance game built on fantasy sports mechanics, similar to Stockbattle. Pick 5 aims to encourage investments as well as good sportsmanship in games. They hold competitions every Friday for a cash prize of up to $5000.

This game is excellent for advanced traders looking to play in the stock market without risking their capital. To play the game, users have to pick 5 stocks and make at least 8 trades during the contest.

The player with the most points earned from accurate predictions wins the grand prize.

Best Fantasy Finance Games to Play and Win Money (6)


“Practice crypto trading risk-free.” Altcoin Fantasy is a crypto market simulator game where users can trade their favourite crypto and learn how to trade the fun and easy way.

The company is committed to being a resource centre for Crypto enthusiasts worldwide. Users can learn to trade crypto using their free resources such as charts, descriptions, news, videos, articles, coin trend reports, and more.

When you participate in trading competitions on Altcoin fantasy, you earn points towards badges and in-game collectables, TradingView memberships, and much more.

Best Fantasy Finance Games to Play and Win Money (7)


If you are looking to pass time while doing something productive, these games are your best choice. Not only do you stand a chance to play and earn money, but you also gain knowledge.

Fantasy finance games have a lot more to offer you that goes beyond gaming. A deep understanding of the financial markets can help you make smarter investments.

Each game is unique and so is the reward structure. Be sure to test out the platforms to find out which one works best for you. By playing these games, you can earn an extra income for whatever life throws your way.


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Now, let's dissect the key concepts covered in the article:

  1. Fantasy Finance Games for Learning and Earning:

    • The article introduces the idea of using fantasy finance games as a tool to gain knowledge of the stock market while earning real cash. The games are positioned as a blend of fun, competition, and education.
  2. Benefits of Fantasy Finance Games:

    • Emphasizes that playing these games regularly can improve financial literacy, and the knowledge gained can be applied in real-life scenarios to generate extra income.
  3. Comparison with Traditional Trading Simulators:

    • Highlights the differences between fantasy finance games and traditional trading simulators. Fantasy games are portrayed as more game-oriented, entertaining, and with the potential to win real money, whereas trading simulators are depicted as more educational with virtual rewards.
  4. List of Fantasy Finance Games:

    • The article provides a list of six fantasy finance games, each with its unique features and benefits. These games include:
      • Invstr: An award-winning investment app focusing on building user confidence in investing.
      • Vestly: A stock trading game with a social aspect, allowing users to share investment ideas through group chats.
      • StockBattle: A fantasy finance game with a diverse user interface, combining competition with financial market education, covering both stocks and crypto markets.
      • Iron Condor: A market simulator game that enables trading in stocks, cryptos, and options, with both free and premium versions.
      • Pick 5 Stocks Challenge: A game encouraging investments and good sportsmanship, with weekly competitions for cash prizes.
      • AltcoinFantasy: A crypto market simulator game aiming to be a resource center for crypto enthusiasts worldwide.
  5. Reward Structure in Fantasy Finance Games:

    • The article mentions the potential to win cash prizes in fantasy finance games, with variations in the reward structures for each game. Some offer monthly competitions with cash prizes, while others have weekly contests.
  6. Encouragement for Participation:

    • Encourages readers to explore and play these fantasy finance games as a productive way to pass time, earn money, and gain valuable knowledge about financial markets.
  7. Closing Thoughts:

    • Concludes by reiterating the multifaceted benefits of fantasy finance games and encourages readers to test out different platforms to find the one that suits them best.

By incorporating these concepts, the article aims to guide readers toward a more engaging and educational approach to understanding and participating in financial markets through fantasy finance games.

Best Fantasy Finance Games to Play and Win Money (2024)
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