BAit: A Comprehensive Guide to the Mobile Virtual Network Operator (2023)

BAit, short for Bodega Aurrera Internet y Telefonía, is a mobile virtual network operator (MVNO) in Mexico. As a subsidiary of Bodega Aurrera and Walmart Group, BAit offers prepaid internet and telephone services tailored to meet your needs, with plans and packages ranging from $10 to $329. With BAit, you can enjoy uninterrupted connectivity through Altán Redes' 4.5G LTE network, allowing you to browse the internet, stream content, and download music without interruptions .

Coverage: Extending to 80 Cities and Major Localities

One of the key advantages of BAit is its extensive coverage, which spans nearly 80 cities and major localities across Mexico. This broad coverage makes BAit an attractive option for many users seeking reliable mobile and internet services.

To ensure a seamless experience, it is advisable to verify BAit's coverage in your city before purchasing a SIM card. By doing so, you can avoid any potential service disruptions and enjoy a stable connection.

Verifying BAit Coverage: Multiple Options Available

BAit provides several convenient methods to check its coverage in Mexico. Here are some options:

  1. Call BAit: You can call BAit's toll-free number, 800 288 2248, and a representative will assist you in verifying the coverage.
  2. Visit the BAit Website: Head to the Mi BAit website and use the coverage map to check BAit's coverage .
  3. Contact BAit on Social Media: Reach out to BAit through their social media channels, where a representative will assist you via direct message.
  4. Utilize BAit's Website Chat: Access the BAit website and use the chat feature to connect with a representative who can assist you with coverage inquiries.

Portability to BAit: A Smooth Transition

If you wish to switch to BAit and retain your existing phone number, the portability process typically takes between 24 to 48 hours. Once the portability is complete, insert the BAit SIM card into your mobile device to start enjoying BAit's services .

BAit Coverage: Mobile and Internet

BAit's coverage extends to both mobile and internet services. However, it's important to note that the telephony coverage is more extensive than the internet coverage. To ensure high-quality speed on your BAit chip, your device should support 4.5G LTE or 5G technology. BAit utilizes Altán's shared network, which boasts a coverage of over 90% of the population through its 4G technology.

BAit-Compatible Devices: Leading Brands

BAit's mobile services are compatible with devices that support 4.5G LTE technology. Some of the leading brands that offer compatibility with BAit include Huawei, Samsung, ZTE, Sony, and Motorola. To check if your device is compatible with BAit, you can visit the webpage and enter your device's IMEI. Alternatively, you can dial *#06# on your device to retrieve the IMEI .

Prepaid Options: Flexibility and Affordability

BAit offers various prepaid options for its services, providing flexibility and affordability to its users. One of the most attractive options is the $10 package, which includes 100 MB for general browsing and an additional 100 MB for popular social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. Additionally, you can recharge your BAit services with $200 and enjoy unlimited internet access for 30 days.

Internet Plans: Tailored to Your Data Needs

BAit offers a range of internet plans designed to cater to different data requirements. The plans vary in data capacity, with smaller packages starting at $89 for 30 GB and larger packages reaching up to $329 for 120 GB .


In conclusion, BAit is a prominent mobile virtual network operator in Mexico, offering prepaid internet and telephone services. With its extensive coverage, reliable connectivity, and flexible plans, BAit provides users with a convenient and affordable option for their mobile and internet needs. Whether you're looking for a reliable mobile network or a cost-effective internet plan, BAit has you covered.

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